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Town residents and business owners adore the New England charm of Wayland, Massachusetts. Roads are sprinkled with stone fences that once divided busy farms and lead to the town’s landmark: Wayland Free Public Library – the first of its kind in Massachusetts and still showcasing the 1900 architectural style. Wayland is also desirable for its convenient geographical location. The town boasts remote natural features like Heard and Dudley Pond right around the corner from hassle-free access to routes 27, 126, and 20. It’s not surprising that when local homeowners go to create an outdoor space featuring masonry, wood, landscaping, and water they often desire similar qualities as the ones offered by the town: traditional style, natural beauty, and modern convenience. At Redmond Design Group, our team of master masons, landscape designers, foreman, and landscapers are able to transform your yard into a year-round outdoor space that reflects the natural beauty of New England in a functional setting that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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Stone elements like walls and walkways have been a part of Wayland since it’s days as part of the Sudbury Plantation in the 1600’s. Colonists chose stone for its’ permanence and ability to withstand the barrage of New England weather offered by the four seasons. Stone can withstand the spectrum of temperatures presented by freezing winters and blazing summers. Modern residents and business owners choose to add masonry elements to their properties for the same reason. These beautiful permanent structures provide function with little maintenance for decades and sometimes centuries. Today, stone is used for more than just walls and walkways. Our master masons craft pool-side stone patios, pizza ovens, fire-pits, and more – coupling traditional quality with modern style to meet the needs and imagination of our Wayland area clients.

While stone is at the heart of a quality Wayland masonry company, stone and brick elements are only one component of an outdoor space designed to create functionality, aesthetic quality, and value. Green landscaping installations coupled with top notch maintenance compliment masonry elements – juxtaposing the intimate stone with the living plants and shrubs. Water elements are another popular choice. Waterfalls and fountains create a tranquil experience with the sound of flowing water – like that of the Sudbury River that serves as Wayland’s natural border. Wood components like arbors and pergolas are also popular features for our clients. Both plants and electrical lighting can find use these structures as a frame. The addition of electrical lighting extends the hours the outdoor space can be enjoyed. Redmond Design Group is a truly full-service Wayland masonry company. Save time, money, and have total control over the result of your new outdoor space by enlisting our landscape team at the start of your project, and our team will oversee the project from initial landscape design to installation and maintenance.

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