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Subury residents take pride in their community’s historic contribution to both the Revolutionary War and King Phillips war, early American architectural style like that of the Wayside Inn, breathtaking natural assets like the Sudbury river and Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, as well as practical geographical convenience – with access to Routes 20 and 27. Many local home and business owners incorporate stone and wood features alongside modern materials on their properties and in their landscaping in a way that is consistent with the Sudbury town history. Many beautiful local properties showcase stone elements like walkways, patios, fire-pits, and walls as well as wood arbors and pergolas, alongside water features like fountains and waterfalls, and even electric lighting. Traditionally, to accomplish such a task you would have to enlist a different service provider for each element. The plumber, landscaper, mason, and carpenter were all on different bills and under different supervision. Today you can streamline the process of creating an outdoor space with aesthetic appeal, multi-season functionality, as well as traditional wood and masonry construction by enlisting the help of our full service landscaping and masonry team serving Sudbury, Massachusetts residents.

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One of the main criteria to look for when choosing a masonry company in Sudbury, Massachusetts is the quality of their stone work. Stone and brick are prominently featured on the walkway and the face of the historic Wayside Inn and all over local businesses and homes. The architectural style was preferred by Revolutionary War era residents for the many of the same reasons modern inhabitants continue to favor it. Strength of stone and brick are timeless choices for New England weather because they can withstand the spectrum of temperatures presented by the four seasons as well as wind, ice, and snow. Towns people of the past may be surprised to see stone pool-side patios, fire-pits, and pizza ovens – but the timeless construction would be quite familiar. At Redmond Design Group, our masonry team features masons with expertise in traditional style – including Italian trained masons.

While stone is often the centerpiece of your outdoor space, elements like landscaping, wood, water, and electrical can be incorporated to create a stunning a practical space to entertain family and friends or enjoy alone long into the night and season. Wood features like arbors, fences and pergolas along-side a lush variety of landscaping installations invoke visions of Sudbury’s farming past. Modern elements like lighting can be incorporated into these structures to extend the usability of the space by lengthening the hours it can be enjoyed. Water elements, like fountains and waterfalls allow your space to take on an auditory dimension by incorporating the sound of running water – reminiscent of the Sudbury River. By teaming up with Redmond Design Group you can have peace of mind knowing all of your services, from landscape design to masonry installation are all provided by the same locally owned and operated landscape design and masonry company.

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Redmond Design Group is the trusted choice to make when shopping for a Sudbury masonry company. Our team of master masons, expert landscape designers, reliable foreman, and quality landscapers can create an outdoor space for your home or businesses that will provide long-lasting beauty, functionality, and value. Offering landscaping design, plant installation, masonry walls, water features, custom fencing, lighting, plant care, and pool elements – we are truly full service. Begin creating a space you will enjoy for years to come. Call us at 1-800-477-9198 or email us on our contact page to us on our contact page today.