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Concord, Massachusetts is marked with historical significance, natural beauty, and geographical functionality. This town is one of few who can claim they have been home to a decisive Revolutionary war battle (The Battle of Lexington and Concord), the birthplace of a literary movement (Transcendentalism), and boast natural splendor like Walden pond along-side great access to major roads like Routes 2, 62, and 117. At Redmond Design Group we help local homeowners arrange their homes and landscapes to mirror these unique New England qualities. Our outdoor landscapes are designed with aesthetic appeal, multi-season functionality, and traditional masonry construction to create a space you can enjoy with your friends and family. Accomplishing such a task is made possible with the help of our full service masonry team serving Concord, Massachusetts.

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Nothing is more New England than including stone masonry elements around your home or business like a wall or patio to give your yard a unique appeal. It isn’t hard to imagine why early colonists chose this abundant and practical resource to build strong and handsome stonewalls and other projects. Long winters and hot summers demand strong materials to withstand the heating and contracting caused by the polarity in temperatures. At Redmond Design Group we incorporate traditional ingenuity with modern feel and design. While colonists would surely revel at modern poolside fire pits and stone pizza ovens, they would find it’s timeless construction familiar. Arbors and pergolas are popular additional elements of outdoor space in Concord, Massachusetts. These elements are reminiscent of the trellises used to grow the town’s famous grape. Water elements, like running waterfalls and fish ponds, can give your home that extra special touch to create a soothing visual and auditory experience reminiscent of the flowing Concord River.

Your local home’s outdoor space should be as functional and beautiful as the town that surrounds it. At Redmond Design Group, our masonry team in Concord, Massachusetts will be able to offer a diverse range of services like traditional masonry, landscape design, installation of plants, incorporation of water features like waterfalls, creation of fencing enclosures, arbors as well as pergolas, electronic lighting, patio areas with pools, and on-going landscape maintenance services. Redmond Design Group has been creating such spaces with masonry elements like stonewalls, patios, fire-pits, pizza ovens and more in the Concord area for over 20 years designed by master masons on staff – some directly from Italy. Modern features like such as unique lighting elements can extend functionality of outdoor space, allowing it to be enjoyed into the night and even later into the season. We’re a unique masonry company because we can streamline your outdoor renovation and accomplish a cohesive space in which all the elements come together under the vision of our experienced landscape designers.

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Redmond Design Group is the choice to make when shopping for a masonry company in Concord, Massachusetts. Over twenty years of experience serving the town of Concord and its surrounding towns contribute to our streamlined process with clear expectations and top quality results. Packages are available to fit a wide range of budgets and needs. Call us to discuss your next Concord masonry, landscape design, water feature installation, plant installation, landscape maintenance, lighting, fencing, or pool installation project today at 1-800-477-9198, browse our image galleries or use our contact page to send us an email today.