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Concord, Massachusetts is renown for its New England charm and breathtaking terrain as well as its practicality – with convenient access to major roads like Routes 62, 2, and 117. The same qualities are at the heart of our quality landscape design services for local homes and businesses as well. At Redmond Design Group we offer a diverse range of services, from design to installation, under one roof. In hiring a company with a diverse range of services offered under one roof, you save yourself time, money, and hassle. You also have more control over the final product, as you, your designer, and our team of specialists have clear communication and autonomy from start to finish. Redmond Design Group offers everything from general landscaping maintenance and plant installation, to masonry, water features, outdoor lighting, and more.

Top Concord Landscape Design Company

A quality Concord Massachusetts landscaping design company will offer spectacular turf options, plant installations, and maintenance service to create a lawn that mirrors the natural beauty seen at Waldon Pond State Reservation. Our expert consultation ensures industry leading quality and clear expectations. Hearty types of grass and other plants are chosen to combat the harsh weather presented posed by the diverse seasons. Other elements like stone walls, wood fencing, outdoor lighting, and waterfalls are often incorporated into the green elements for handsome juxtaposition.

Quality Concord Landscape Design Company

Our specialized Concord, Massachusetts landscape design team will be able to offer expert masonry services to incorporate into your landscape design. Stone elements like brick walkways, stone patios, and even pizza ovens evoke early New England aesthetic like that created by the stone walls at local Minute Man National Historic Park and The Reuben Brown House. Redmond Design Group employs master masons (some directly from Italy) to create stone pizza ovens, stone fireplaces, and walkways that will be the center of conversation at outdoor events and family gatherings.

Wood structures like arbors and pergolas resemble trellises like those once used to grow Concord’s famous grapes and are a great addition to a home or business’s outdoor space. These forms can also be used to house modern lighting elements. By introducing electronic lighting elements into your space, home and business owners can bring classic style into the 21st century and extend the hours – or even days in the year that your outdoor space can be used. Our full-service Concord, Massachusetts landscape design company provides your with our own team of carpenters to take care of wood elements like fencing as well the previously mentioned pergolas and arbors. You can be confident knowing that your project will be completed on-time and on-budget because we are with you from the landscape design to the finished landscape installation.

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