Cambridge, Massachusetts Masonry Company

The people’s republic of Cambridge is renowned for its world class educational institutions including Harvard and MIT, classic New England architectural features like cobble stone Brattle St., and for its budding technology industry centralized in Kendall Square. Cambridge residents and business owners choose to reflect these pragmatic, historic, and innovative qualities in their homes and businesses. A popular and effective way to achieve a New England look for one’s home or business is by incorporating stone elements like walls and patios as well as more imaginative concepts like outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Wood structures with outdoor lighting combine natural and modern elements to extends the space’s usability while enhancing the visual appeal. Plant installations, landscaping design, and maintenance also contribute to a dwelling’s proud New England presentation. Creating a space with such elements and more is made possible through our full-service Cambridge, Massachusetts masonry company. At Redmond Design Group, we employ a top tier team of landscape designers, master masons, foreman, and landscapers to provide an easy experience for our clients from clear and concise design through to the installation process.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Masonry Company

Modern residents choose masonry elements for their homes and businesses for many of the same reasons the original European settlers like Thomas Dudley and Anne Bradstreet did. In Cambridge, summers blaze and winters provide high winds, snow, and ice. Features like stone walls and brick walkways are not only handsome against the natural New England backdrop – but are also resilient to extreme weather conditions. Concrete, stone, and brick structures like those seen on the campus of Harvard University are testaments of the materials resistance to time, weather, and bustling foot traffic. Tasteful classic features like stone walls and patios as well as innovative features like pizza ovens and limestone walkways offer timeless aesthetic, daily functionality, and weather-tested durability. You can trust Redmond Design Group’s team of inspired designers, master masons, and reliable foreman to produce top grade stone structures for your outdoor space with service par excellence.

Our full-service Cambridge, Massachusetts masonry company will offer more than just top-quality stone and brick work. Arbors and pergolas are popular wood features for desirable outdoor spaces. Lighting can be installed in these structures – highlighting the space’s visual qualities at night and extending the hours the space can be used. These structures resemble trellises and are reminiscent of when Cambridge was a sleepy farming village, centuries ago. Redmond Design Group employs top wood craftsman to create structures that add practicality and elegance to your outdoor space. Having skilled woodworkers on staff allows for complete project control start to finish.

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Green components of outdoor space like grass and other plants bring the space to life. A truly full service Cambridge, Massachusetts masonry company will offer landscape design, plant installation, landscaping maintenance, and more. The juxtaposition of vibrant vegetation against striking stone features bring out the charm in both. Redmond Design Group staffs experienced landscape designers and landscapers to create, install, and maintain turf, bushes, flowers, and other plants.

Waterfalls, coy ponds, and other water elements add a relaxing dimension of sound to your home’s outdoor space. The drone of tranquil flowing water evokes images of the Charles River. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your outdoor space into a year-round living space. Call us at 1-800-477-9198 or email us on our contact page today.